Christine Cannella
One of 19,000 Cuban refugees awaitingprocessing at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas inMay 1980. Rioting ensued when therewere delays in processing. Detaineesclashed with State Police and NationalGuard troops. Four barracks weredestroyed, 62 refugees were injured andthere were 46 arrests.
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Christine M. Cannella was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Her introduction to photography came as a toddler watching her Uncle Joe manipulate his ever-present Leica; she also loved the magic of watching her father’s Polaroid pictures reveal themselves.Chris earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism in 1973 from the University of Kansas. She joined the staff of the Leavenworth Times in 1974. In February 1976, the newsroom scanner reported a fire over the feed store downtown. Chris’ photo of a fireman rescuing a 7-month-old ran in newspapers around the world. It led to Chris being hired as the first woman among a photo staff of 27 men at the Kansas City Star in 1976.Chris earned a Master’s Degree in Social Welfare in 1983 from the University of Kansas. She became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Registered Art Therapist until her retirement in 2016. Chris continues to make photographs nearly daily.Two of her long-term projects include: The shepherdess/poet: four years, following a, then-14-year-old girl raising a herd of sheep on the Coast of Maine and a year-long project shooting the Milky Way at the New Moon